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this opportunity in challenge us all to take all the information, the ideas and the best intentions from today and make a real commitment to work together to make our schools and our streets safer. i know that's a no brainer and something said a million times in the past. but my experience to work together and really collaborate is much more difficult that most of us are willing to commit. it's easy to do things on our own. we can do things the way we want to and all the credit is ours if we are successful. we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could on our own. to work together. the first thing we have to do is look within. it's easy to play the blame game and see the fault in others. the cbo's aren't doing they are supposed to. no it's the police's fault. it's city haul's fault. but in the end. that gets us nowhere. we can never truly work together unless we stop assigning blame. the second thing we must do. we must be open to the possibility there's a better way to do things. too often as i sat through discussions ask encountered reluctance to change. i would ask you if we h
>>> on the broadcast tonight, sending weapons. tonight the prospect of u.s. weapons in the hands of libya's rebel forces. the president says he won't rule it out, so our own richard engel goes inside those rebel forces for a closer look. >>> radiation fears. the nuclear crisis in japan has a lot of people asking could it happen here, and would warning systems work if it did? >>> price check. a new drug to help prevent premature babies, but at what cost for those who need it? >>> and the close call for an american president 30 years ago tonight. what we didn't know until now. >>> also here tonight, the first-ever view of a neighbor of ours. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now during these past few days across our country, people are watching this unfolding situation in libya. the rebels versus gadhafi. americans have heard president obama defending the u.s. air campaign he ordered, sending our service members to fight a third concurrent conflict far from home. in our conversation with the president yesterday, h
us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first elevators were installed for moving materials in the 1860's. in the 1870's, the first passenger elevator was installed, and that allowed building heights to go up to about seven floors. starting in the 18 eighties, 1890's, the first electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first elevators that became representative of what we consider modern elevators today. >> so the height of buildings is re
atlanta. >> she used to work here, until sheascended to the executive suite. >> she's big cheese now, but you're looking fantastic. you have fun? >> yeah, it was a blast. it always is. the president didn't come, but maybe next year. >> maybe next year. >>> happening now, images of war and destruction in libya that the world hasn't been able to see until now. cnn finds a way to get into the city of misrata. it's been ravaged, terrorized by moammar gadhafi's troops. stand by. an al qaeda leader is cheering on revolts in the arab world and challenging views of our own security analyst peter bergen. directly i'll ask him about the uprisings, and why al qaeda is singling peter bergen out. >>> they're playing zero, nada, nothing, if that doesn't tick you out, wait until you hear what ge's boss is saying today. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a new warning that a massacre may be in the works 2349 libyan city of misrata. we have late w0rd that the libyan rebels are facing fierce new attacks by moammar gadhafi's troops and fighting back with any weapons they can find
first the afghanistan worked with military forces on the ground in afghanistan. in lbds, the u.s. is stilg ruling out ground troops. second, in afghanistan, the cia provided weapons to the opposition forces that were there fighting the taliban. so far in libya, the u.s. is not saying we are doing that. the u.s. is not saying we are arming the rebels, but as i understand it, this presidential finding if it has happened would be the kind of instrument that president obama would use to authorize something like arming the rebels. again, i am not totally clear on what the presidential finding would mean if there is one, and since we don't know for a fact there definitely was one, it is hard to say exactly what its terms are. that's one of the things we are going to try to figure out with michael isikoff from nbc in a moment. what we know about the legality of this, presidential findings have been around for decades, presidents using them for covert operations have to notify the top democrat and republican in the house and senate, as well as top democrat and republican on the intellige
for freedom here and all over the world? we know that it's not iran. it wants to take us down, take israel down and clear the path for the 12th imam. i want to introduce you to a guest. we put him up on camera. there he is. we can't show his identity. we have to disguise his voice. he will be with us live in a half an hour. he actually infiltrated the highest level of the iranian government. he knows first-hand the plan for destruction of israel and then the spread to america. that is coming up. but it all ties in to the 12th imam, christian anti-christ. and it also ties in to what else is going on in the middle east. it's a little strange. let's start here at home first, with your wallet. the man who runs the largest bond fund in the entire world, so he probably knows a thing or two, says the u.s. treasurys, the things, you know, our debt have "little value" because of our ever-increasing debt burden. warren buffett suggested avoiding betting on the u.s. dollar because he believes it's about to tank. wall street is increasing their interest in what they call tail risk. what that is, is fu
is sidewalk. we can't enforce that because people complain that's private property so i want us to understand what we're legally entitled to have as on open and free owned slide walk and private and verses public property. they said what you do is look at the furthest pro truks of any part of the building in that one block and how that comes out even if it's an e illegal pro truks, everything can be parked from that in visible line-up against all the other buildings and we're left with these thin ribbons of concrete often not flat we're forced to maneuver around often single file and that's not pedestrian safety. what are the rules about what is a sidewalk, what is private proper timed why can't we get enforcement against those violations? >> perhaps we could pass the microphone to james lee? >> sidewalk parking - anything of the vehicle as far as the bumper is illegal. we address all issues of sidewalk parking. now if your calling in and someone's giving your opinion how close this is to the building we need to hear this. we shouldn't be making that judgement. we should just send someone o
like it's the last day of march. hopefully you can sit back and join us because we have a great show. i am excited about this organization and if you are a parent, you will love this. if you care about the world, you will love this. if you love laross, -- lacrosse you will love the story. headstrong foundation started after a lacrosse player who has a great story. he passed away -- player who has a great story. he passed away but his legacy is living on. we will hear more from nick's mom and brother michael. stay with us. also ahead, there's been a research about ten medical groups coming together for research for the campaign for tobacco free kids. they are doing this in conjunction with opening day. so they are hoping that they can knock tobacco out of the park. plus, it's thursday, which means dr. fea mont tay -- fioramonti will come in with answers about your pets. he will answer your questions on the air. >>> all right. you probably noticed that i have company. charley crowson is not here e ran off and joined the circumstance -- he ran off and joined the circus. how is it going? ho
. the election trif program that's show the potential of many students. i want to know if colleges look at us thank you. >> good evening, school board members. i'm a freshman. the reason i'm here. my education an everyone else's is the key to our own success. i want to know if i can still meet the graduation requirements in the future. i want to take advanced placement. i don't know if they will be there when i am able to take them. approximately 35 students. one teacher can't provide for 35 individuals jo i am currently a proud freshman. what really impressed me was the opportunities offered. numerous languages and activities such as japanese, dance and mandarin were offered. these drive me to work my full potential. this is more than just about us. i for one have sibblings who plan to apply for universities. we need to start thinking about more than just ourselves. their future and our future. >> i'm a parent and also on the psych counsel. i'm really proud of the kids here. they really did a good job. my son is a junior. he nodes the four years of world language. he wants to be able to comp
at a major u.s. airport, the very same one where an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. the close call this time around. >> and she said mexican pirates killed her husband while they were jet skiing on a border lake between texas and mexico. now six months later his body hasn't been found, no one has been arrested. the latest on the investigation, plus what she is vowing to do. it's all new, it's all live, it's "happening now". >>> hi everybody. we have a whole lot of ground to cough today. we're so glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. jon: we do indeed. i'm jon scott. "happening now", nato takes charge of air operations in libya as the fighting intensifies in one strategic oil town. those are antiqaddafi rebels, giving it all they've got, trying to retake control of brega as they come under rocket fire from pro qaddafi forces, the opposition getting hit hard in other parts of the cup as well. jenna: the u.s. considering a plan to arm the rebels, even though nato's chief is opposed to the idea. right now the cia has operatives on the ground in libya. jon: meantime a sign that qadda
for that opportunity, because i think 12 years ago there were not many of us on those revenue generating departments that could participate in some major policy decisions and contracts that run this city. i want you to please have that thank you extended to your dad. this morning, i sat in on the workshops and i was very encouraged. a lot of people like roma were there, people we have all work together at various points in our lives the last 20 years, but there were also a lot of new faces, young faces, and it is encouraging that our city has so many dedicated women were willing to spend the time, volunteer time for the most part, to make this city one of the greatest leaders for women's issues and rights and equality. i think we have proven that. i am very encouraged that perhaps in the next four, five years we will get ahead in terms of our own country stepping up to the plate. thank you again, and thank you, shelly. [applause] >> i want to also make sure i acknowledge another person on our committee, and that is nancy acknowledge someone else on the committee. she is in the mayor's office and she
, putting us and the company of somalia, sudan, iran, and zimbabwe. this past month and the halls of congress, we have seen an attack on american women like never before. instead of a clear focus on the budget and job creation, there has been a concentrated effort to limit women's rights. we have had a major push in congress to redefine rape to only those women who could prove that they fought back. this would exclude many victims of date rape, children who were raped. we had a legislator from georgia who wants to change the legal term. he but the word to the accuser. victims of lesser crimes like burglaries would remain victims. in south dakota, the bill was proposed that would make it legal to murder a doctor who basically provided a portion care. it would make it legal to kill the doctor. we have another bill, the international violence against women act, a sister bill to that which is the domestic bill. it creates a comprehensive program to address the violence and places women at the center of u.s. foreign policy for the first time in history. it supports measures to prevent
. there was a process. >> can you tell us before and after the prasad was touched? it was said earlier on that the facade that was not to be touched. >> earlier on in the project. >> any other public comment? seeing none, we will move into rebuttal. you will have three minutes. >> that is all that i can say, ladies and gentlemen. this has gone terribly confused. perhaps we could realize that we can run completely in the wrong direction. you commissioners are correct. we went over the suspension. looking at it in detail, these plans call for a suspended ceiling in the next door front. we have very little time. the respondent has not showed where this proposed garbage room is. the plans call it on the other side. this is lifted as 1 foot, 7 inches big. there are no commercial size garbage toters that would fit in there. as far as square footage, that is wrong. they are discussing the issue of square footage. if the majority of this building is to be used, it will exceed square footage. i have never complained about the gate. the gate is not beautiful. chinatown may have people that you w
jansing and we are following fast-moving developments in yab today with major implications for u.s. involvement there. confirmation now that the cia is on the ground, conducting a not so secret mission. and as of today, the u.s. has officially handed over control of that mission to nato. on capitol hill, a heated and escalating debate over whether to arm the rebels. here's what secretary of defense robert gates told a congressional hearing just moments ago. >> terms of providing that training, in terms of providing assistance to them, frankly, there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states, and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> this morning, the rebels continue to lose ground. they've had to retreat more than 100 miles, and gadhafi's troops have taken back important oil regions. it's leaving the rebels dejected, although they are vowing to keep up the fight. >> i'm okay. i don't care about it. i don't care. i want to die, actually, if i can. >> why? >> it's honor to us. it's freedom. we want freedom. >> and in
details to emerge. we have not seen the word defection use by the foreign office but there is no doubt that this is a senior figure turning his back on it gaddafi. >> the bbc's world affairs editor is in tripoli. he says that colonel gaddafi is going to be too concerned by the resignation. >> this will have an impact but we have to remember that gaddafi has lost plenty of ministers before. his interior minister is now a senior figure in benghazi. there have been others as well. my guess is that they will stop this off. whether moussa koussa will be such a gain to the rebels and their representatives in london is uncertain. we must remember that some people have been in accusing him of involvement with the lockerbie bombing, for instance. he was the head of intelligence for colonel gaddafi. that is not a neutral post. nevertheless, it means that they're going to be people are around colonel gaddafi that will be thinking now about their future is very carefully. but at the same time, this is really a one horse government. it is all about colonel gaddafi and those people who are loyal to
a crew member of the u.s. fighter that crashed in libya. defense secretary gates testified at a congressional hearing. gates said he does not think the u.s. should arm those rebels. >> in terms of providing that training, in terms of providing assistance to them, frankly there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states. and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> libya's foreign minister has defected to britain. musa kusa one of gadhafi's closest aides. he is suspects of masterminding the bombing of pan am flight 103 that killed 270 people. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me now. nato officially took control of the entire military mission in libya but the headline is about the cia operatives on the ground and what they are doing there. what can you tell juice u.s. military and intelligence officials say if they didn't, if the obama administration did not have cia operatives on the ground, this operation was not well thought out and would be in trouble. this is pretty much preforma in thi
should not be used. the man plead guilty, based on the results from that machine and was ordered to serve six consecutive weekends in jail. on july 7th, 2010, d.c. police arrested a man in the district on suspicion of dwi. he was tested on an intoxy meeter with the serial number 010845. court records show he plead guilty on december 7th of the same year. according to the office of the chief manage examiner, that machine was not approved by use for a 3-month period and including the date of the man's arrest. and in others a -- another case, a 19-year-old girl was test on the same machine and with the same serial number showed the chief toxicologists said the results shouldn't be used for a 3-month period, including the date of the girl's arrest. >> i have a difficult time understanding this and the issues that have come up in terms of the failure to disclose, their failure to be above board on all of these issues, i have a difficult time understanding why they think that is okay. it's clearly not okay. >> reporter: defense attor
and the u.s. energy policy stuck in the middle. our alternatives are abundant but the incentives are not. >> energy right now is still relatively cheap for americans. >> but this is more than about saving money or going green. >> at what point will we be honest about the fact that there are risks to creating energy, period, and burning it off randomly is a stupid thing to do? >> and it's about national security. >> obviously the situation in the middle east implicates our energy security. >> steel on wheels, moving the energy debate into the fast lane with ideas to power this country into the future and cross one of those trillion dollar problems off the list in the process. after all our travels across america, the final steel on wheels starts right now. >>> good afternoon to you live from the campus of oklahoma state university. nice to see you. the sun is shiepining and we'vet a great group gathered, including our town hall tonight on campus and streaming live around the world on a battery of websites. we'll get to that later. but first we begin with a bit more sobering news for alrea
but not u.s. a top qaddafi insider who defected and his connection to pan am flight 103. i'm erica hill. also tonight, milk in the u.s. now showing traces of radiation from japan. what authorities are doing to keep you safe. why did plants that bury nuclear waste inside nevada's yucca mountain get killed? was it safety fears or politics? and the sweet taste of success. they owe their lottery jackpot to a candy bar. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> hill: good evening. katie is off tonight. muammar qaddafi's inner circle continues to shrink. first, his foreign minister defected last night. and then today, his u.n. ambassador quit while in egypt. just the same, qaddafi's military, though decimated by allied air strikes, is still pounding rebel forces. driving them further east away from key oil towns. one rebel leader compared qaddafi to a wounded animal, one that's more dangerous than a healthy one, which once again raises the question-- just what should the u.s. do moving forward? david martin b
they would only hold out half that long. that does it for us. now it's time for "the ed show." have a good night. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" tonight. this is what's on the table tonight. the plot thickens. here we go with the secret order signed by the president, authorizing covert u.s. government operations to support the rebels in libya? that's our lead story with commentary tonight. we are headed towards a government shutdown to satisfy the tea party. that may be where speaker john boehner is willing to go. and congress and darrell issa, mr. investigation dude, says the president is corrupt. issa says earmarks are bad. but guess who supported earmarks that benefited himself. that's "the takedown" coming up tonight. >>> this is the story we start with, that has me fired up tonight. it wasn't supposed to go like this, but this is how it's unfolding. reuters reporting there are american boots on the ground in libya. president obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert u.s. government support for rebel forces in libya, officials tell reuters. the order was
you very much for joining us tonight. >> oh, thanks so much for having me. >> you can have the last word online at our blog, thelastword.msnbc.com and you can follow my tweets at lawrence. the rachel maddow show is up next. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, lawrence. thank you. and thanks to you at home for staying with us this hour. there is breaking news tonight out of washington, dc, as the reuters news agency reports, from what they say are four separate government sources that president obama has authorized covert operations inside libya to help the rebels there. quoting reuters -- indeed the "new york times" then reports tonight that -- now does this mean that the cia is in libya as a pseudo-military force to topple gaddafi the way the cia participated as a pseudo-military force in toppling the taliban and afghanistan back in 2001? "t tesgo o oitwa i rorngonhto y no. first in afghanistan, the cia worked with u.s. military forces on the ground in afghanistan. in libya, the u.s. is still ruling out ground troops. so far in libya, the u.s. is not saying we are doing that. th
in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> reporter: just before noon police caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one subject hiding in an out building in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: a rash of recent home invasions has neighbors here on edge. >> i think it is very scary especially when we have all these kids running around and playing and riding bikes. >> reporter: laura owns a daycare. >> came outside to see what was going on. and discovered all of this. >> did you send the kids home? >> no, but i have them locked up in my house and we keep coming out periodically to see what is going on. >> reporter: we are going to show you this surveillance video again. the neighbor didn't want to go on camera for obvious reasons because police are certainly looking at his videotape to try to catch these suspects. at this point right now two of the suspects are in custody. one of them is still at large. if you look at the videotape you can actually see the police car going down leeward street and then ramming into the jeep cherokee. the suspects
are doing the same buy back. we could use more. i think if you were to talk about gun violence. in 2006. we took 238 off the street and already in 2008. we have taken 296. a lot of people are high 5ing. to me. where are those guns coming from. where are these guns coming from. if the numbers are becoming so high, we are quadrupling. we better find out where they are coming from. the gun buy back is good because it cuts down to domestic violence. you can no longer sell the gun. people are selling us guns they can't sell otherwise. i am not saying it's a bad program. we would like to have more gun buy backs. it always comes back to capabilities and your help to get to the community and tell people. if you see a gun. call us. we will make a report. we just took an ak 47. we bought that gun and nothing happened. i would rather do that. it's not the absolute program. the other thing i wanted to stress. the call in. we have identified 44 who are at risk. they are either victims or suspects. 9 out of those first are shot are killed. with the target with the call in is working. we are doing bed ch
, "on your side." >> thank you for joining us today. we begin once again on storm watch. the region woke up to another cool and wet day, and now more rain showers are moving in. it is the nationals opening day. >> not very good baseball winter, but that is spring ball. i remember when it snowed during the opening day a few years ago. it is it damp out there. let's start out with a live look from our camera on the roof. right now, cloud cover overhead. look down to kentucky and tennessee. we are seeing a development of upper level energy that is going to bring us a few spotty showers, nothing to widespread. i think we will get the ball game in. it will be a cool game. a few spotty showers developing. we will talk about the improvements because yes, we will have some improvement. that is the latest. >>> southern states are reeling from severe storms. an apparent tornado flattened buildings and tore off roofs. coming up, how residents are dealing with a damaged left behind. >>> the u.s. formally handed over command of military operations in libya but today there are reports that cia operati
this morning. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we are seeing the storm take shape. if you're waking up in the northeast and seeing precipitation you're seeing one wave. we'll be watching now across the southeast -- it has all the ingredients for a classic nor'easter developing tonight and tomorrow. expect rain, wind, higherer elevation snows though from the poconos into new england. we have a number of winter storm warnings up into maine. winter weather advisories as well. notice who's out of it -- philadelphia, new york and boston should be mostly rain and wind. the totals anywhere from 6 to 9 inches in the hudson valley up to a foot or more in parts of interior new england. back to you. >> thanks. we'll have the rest of the forecast in a little bit. now to libya where the cia has had operatives on the ground for weeks. nbc white house correspondent chuck todd has the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. here's what we know. while the cia has had operatives on the ground for weeks they have been gathering intelligence, trying to find the rebels you can work w
's more dangerous than a healthy one, which once again raises the question-- just what should the u.s. do moving forward? david martin begins our coverage. >> reporter: there may be no american troops on the ground, but c.i.a. officers are operating inside libya. among other things, they picked up a member of the air crew of that american jet which crashed last week. their primary goal is to find out who the rebels are and what they need, but defense secretary gates today threw cold water on the idea that the u.s. is about to start arming or training the rebels. >> there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states, and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> reporter: but gates clearly thinks somebody, perhaps an arab country, should. >> the opposition needs as much as anything right now is some training, some command and control, and some organization. it's a pretty-- it's pretty much a pickup ballgame at this point. >> reporter: testifying on the day nato took command of the operation, gates said the u.s. would start pullin
to the west. >>> training accident. a jet engine explodes and catches fire aboard a u.s. aircraft carrier. >>> and cold case. the fbi can't crack this code. >>> and cold case. the fbi can't crack this code. can you? captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today, i'm betty nguyen. we begin in libya, where cia operatives have been on the ground gathering intelligence, and making contact with rebel forces. the rebel troops are being pushed back by libyan forces, losing about 100 miles in two days. meanwhile, a key adviser to moammar gadhafi has resigned amid some international intrigue. joel brown is in washington. good morning, joel. bring us up to speed. >> a lot going on, betty. good morning to you. we're learning now the cia's been on the ground in libya for weeks now, in some cases working hand in hand with the rebels. but whether or not to supply weapons to the opposition is a whole other matter that sparks fierce debate here in washington. cia operatives are reportedly on the ground in libya. the intelligence agency sent in small teams earlier this
>> chris: i had twins and they used to talk to each other like that. that's "special report" tonight. thanks for watching fox where more news is always on the way. >> shepard: where do you stand on the budget battle? big news from one state's governor, a new law is born and the unions are not happy. plus, big questions from congress on the war in libya. >> this is just the most muddled definition of an operation. why not just be honest with the american people. >> i don't see how that's muddled. >> shepard: tonight, the defense secretary on the mission. the price tag, and what to do about qaddafi. as battles blaze, the libyan leader may be growing more defiant. tonight, qaddafi's newest warning and why he says we have started something we cannot control. and defecting from libya. this high level official left for london, but the brits aren't giving him the warmest welcome. >> not being offered any immunity. >> and now prosecutors say they plan to drill him for details on the bombing of panam flight 103. plus, the radical cleric anwar al awlaki. on why all the mideast uprisin
this wednesday, march the 30th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your place tonight. what about o'reilly? o'reilly is like in the ground. owe riley is in the ground. it was a rough day for her. she is fine now. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are no quick fixes. anybody who tells you otherwise, isn't tell you the truth. >> >> bill: new poll says that indicator has fallen more than 20 points since he has been in office. is mr. obama losing the capacity to persuade americans? dick morris has the data. >> people have birth certificates. he hasn't have a birth certificate. >> bill: a wild interview with donald trump who says he would like to be president. >> i won't be taken advantage of by the rest of the world. >> in this no spin conversation, we will pin him down. >> people are afraid to talk about this subject. they are afraid to confront you. >> bill: also, dennis miller and karl rove will analyze the big interview with trump. >> this is getting a little weird. >> >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, factor begins right now
to washington. what u.s. health officials say about the risk to the population here. >>> plus, a budget deal resurrects. with eight days to go, lawmakers may have found the magic number. but have they found the votes? good morning, everyone, it's thursday, march 31st, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. and i guess it's going to snow? what? >> i'm chuck todd. it's opening day, though. it's opening day, can't you feel it? couldn't you tell it was opening day baseball -- >> when i was shoveling? >> no. >> spring is in the air. a little depressing. >>> also this morning, our interview, the exclusive for this hour, of an interview with donald trump. he's eyeing 2012, or apparently, just simply wants to talk about being a birther. we'll ask him both of those questions and more. let's get to the rundown. we'll begin in libya and a critical decision coming from the president. how far will the u.s. go to help rebels knock moammar gadhafi out of power? here's what we've learned. the president has issued a secret finding authorizing a plan for covert action, including a plan, potentially, to arm the oppositio
. in the course i teach we do use san francisco study, the 25% reduction fact. i was looking at the slide that shows that statistic and that's - that i think - san francisco really is the only place that have or has enough countdown signals to get this sort of good study so continuing to put those in will be a huge benefit. other things with signal timing. someone talked about the double left and right turn lane. how can we provide those across locations with heavy flows. you have to deal with heavy flow of traffic. can we do signal timing to provide that the cross walks are not closed at that time. that's challenge. people want to cross whether they're closed any way. i think your aware of that and anything we can do to retime for allowing pedestrian crossing will be important. banning turns on red at certain locations depending on a situation. sometimes it's beneficial and sometimes not if cars are turning left on green maybe this would not be help full. i think jack mentioned the pedestrian has would or what we cause 2 - 5 seconds of walk signal prior to the vehicle giving they're gree
defenders and about that resource question. they need us to tell them. that is why we are here today. that has got to be a part of the mission. so i support everything johnson said, but there is another the to keep in mind. this is the jury pool. the jury pool is constantly affected and infected by nancy grace, law-and-order. it is constantly being polluted -- i truly believe this -- by the media. it sounds silly but it is not. i really believe in the power of media to influence people. that is why i got in it. so we have to use it to our advantage. you have got to be in it to win it. if we are not controlling our image, someone else is. so you have got to start thinking about the way that the image of the public defender is going to be portrayed, either in dramatic television -- over which you will have a lot less control. or certainly, in news media. years ago, i got a phone call from a public defender in san francisco. he had a case receiving a lot of media attention, and he wanted me to come to cover the case for 20/20. some of his colleagues thought he was not to. what are you b
that i think are important for us to be thinking about. other impact that will not affect the city's budget directly but could affect our community in san francisco are proposed cuts to programs like head start, the corporation for national service, as well as proposals to change family planning funding or eliminate family planning funding. two other things i wanted to point out to you that are important to be aware of as you are thinking about the budget and the federal picture. the federal stimulus acts was signed into law at the beginning of 2009, so some of the funds that were associated with the recovery act are expiring or have been fully extended. for example, there was an additional grant of funding for workforce programs and work force training. that funding has been entirely extended or will be by the end of the fiscal year. so there will be an impact on services in san francisco. the expansion we were able to do with that federal funding -- the funding is no longer available. i also know that many people are concerned about the ryan white funds, and we have been fortunat
the 38 caliber revolver has been used to commit any crime. >>> a man was seriously hurt after being hit by a vehicle in federal hill this morning. according to police, the accident happened at 1020 light street just before 10:00 this morning. police are investigating the cash. the driver stayed on the scene of that accident. >> and in northeast baltimore, it appears slick roads may have contributed to a single car crash that sent a vehicle into the home of a pair of homes. the air bag deployed during the accident, but the injured driver was able toe get out of the car on his own. paramedics transported him to a local hospital to be checked out. >>> news around the world tuesday as moammar gadhafi forces gained ground and rebel units are forced to plea. the american role in libya is winding down. defense secretary, robert gates says the end will be determined not by bombs, but by politics. >> there will be no american boots on the ground in libya. the removal of colonel gadhafi will likely be achieved over time through economic measures and by his own people. >> according to a report,
to affect us. >> lawmakers came to an agreement on their budgets. now they have to find a compromise together. they have different ideas on how to handle your tax money. >> major differences between the house and senate on higher education. >> state workers could soon see major changes in their pension and health insurance benefits. the house says the early retirement age should be 62. the senate says they should follow the rule of 92. here's how that works. you add your age to your years of service, if that adds up to at least 92, you can collect full retirement benefits. senate president, mike miller knows this pension issue can be a sticking point on negotiations. >> pension issues are always volatile with the special interest groups ask me, teacher's union. >> other differences, the senate approved an alcohol tax increase of 3% over the next three years. the house is not yet on board. >> what it means is, the provisions that we put in the budget are going to use the money won't get those moneys. >> those budgets include added fees and taxes. some republicans feel the added
up in the u.s. milk supply. exactly how much? is it completely safe? we take you inside the laboratory to see for yourself. >>> tornado fury. violent twisters tossing everything in their path, even striking the space center in florida. >>> mega-wow. seven overjoyed coworkers claim that $319 million prize. and we find one of the colleagues who opted out of the ticket that day. what did he say to us? >>> and, coming home. the marine who watched the birth of his first child from the battlefield with us finally gets to hold her tiny hand, right here, tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with america's milk, and that radiation from japan. all day, we have heard the reassurances that the radiation now being found in some of the u.s. milk supply is minimal and poses no risk. so, we spent this day answering some serious questions. since the radiation in some form has been found in 20 states, exactly how much has been linked to the milk and how the are experts sure that it is safe? abc's abbie boudreau is at a lab in california tonight. abbie? >> reporter: diane, with radiation st
in the grip of moammar gadhafi and all his craziness for the past 42 years. >> john lee -- you use some marvelous phrases and say they are gripped by bravado and defiance. it seems there is an emotional energy there driving them forward but none of the skills that you need to actually wage a war. it sounds -- the way you just describe them as a bunch of professional individuals for whom war is nothing more than what you learn by watching it on tv, do they have the training to actually present a front, a military front to oppose gadhafi at this point? >> reporter: no, they don't. what happens is when gadhafi's forces attack, you know, hugely in lightning blitzkrieg frontal attacks with missiles and before the no-fly zone with aviation -- that is is jet fighters but now still with katyusha rockets that come in rapid-fire and kill a lot of people, they move in fast convoys and begin shooting immediately, these young -- mostly young men who are at the front and who have gone out in the spirit of revolutionary bravado trying to rid the country of the dictator and really don't know how to fig
. the family was in court but not talking to the victims' families or to us. one man repeatedly tried to block our camera. prosecutors say after the crash he left the scene. >> he picked up my brother's arm, dropped it, got in the car and drove away. people who strike gears are more compassionate than that. >> members of the fbi were a special pen who -- in honor. the man was driving on an unrestricted license and the laws need to change. >> they need to stop treating criminals like they are victims. >> he will be sentenced on may 18th. he could get anywhere from three months to eight years. they could give more or less time. >>> a d.c. school principal is under investigation after a student accused him of attacking her. the alleged incident happened this morning in southeast. family members say the students as the principal pulled the student's hair and hit her. officials say the principle was involved in a physical altercation trade no charges were filed in both parties are being investigated. >> sources from the health department say the agency as close to announcing rules on t
covert u.s. government support for rebel leaders. >> the new york times reports small groups of operatives have been working in libya for several weeks. the unknown number of american officers according to times gathering intelligence for air strikes and making contact with rebels. now, does this mean that the cia is in libya as a pseudo military force to topple gadhafi the way the cia participated as a pseudo military force in toppling the taliban in afghanistan back in 2001? the times goes out of its way and is reporting to say no. first the afghanistan worked with military forces on the ground in afghanistan. in libya, the u.s. is still ruling out ground troops. second, in afghanistan, the cia provided weapons to the opposition forces that were there fighting the taliban. so far in libya, the u.s. is not saying we are doing that. the u.s. is not saying we are arming the rebels, but as i understand it, this presidential finding, if it has happened, would be the kind of instrument that president obama would use to authorize something like arming the rebels. again, i am not t
>> a little bit of drizzle. most of you have temperatures above freezing. but if you're watching us up near the pennsylvania line, you might want to be careful of slippery spots. it's 37 at the airport, and most of you don't have to worry about that. north wind at six. light rain showers and drizzle. the high temperature of only 45 degrees. should be near 60 at the time of year. a little bit of snow tonight and tomorrow morning. first let's say good morning to sarah caldwell. >> good morning, everybody. a few early morning problems. it is a little slick out there. northbound 95. we're checking on a disabled tractor-trailer that may tie you up. 170 an zencht to report that could be weather-related. southbound 95 coming down from the northeast, sluggish there. j.f.x. in great shape into town. 11 minutes from 95 toward the 83's and outer loop top side. 85 to the 95 merge to the harbor tunnel tolls, moving well. northbound 95 on the ramp, the disabled tractor trailer being cleared. >> and inner loop traffic going away from us, still moving well. >> our big story this morning is the end
of radiation are turning up here in the u.s. >> reporter: the united nations wants japan to expand the evacuation zone around the damaged fukushima power plant. there's now a 12-mile mandatory zone. high radiation levels have been discovered in a sprig 25 miles away. inside the zone police inside protective suits are looking for bodies killed in the earthquake and tsunami. they recovered 19 on wednesday but many more are smissments officials say concerns about radiation are slowing the work. the latest tests of sea water show radiation levels are still rising, now more than 4300 times the legal limit. the crisis is turning fukushima into a ghost town. the city is outside the evacuation zone, but residents enmass rush home from work to minimize radiation expose smumplet trains are not running and shops are closing at 5 p.m. this merchant said it's lonely at night. no one is outside. more traces of radiation are showing up in the u.s. milk in washington state and california are testing positive. >> radiation can be a scary word. it's important to remember we're surrounded by radiatio
people. >> nobody's underestimating the scope of the challenge before us. gadhafi still possesses seer yore military capability to those of the forces arayed against him. he has made no secret of the fact that he will kill as many of them as he must to crush the rebellion. >>> this while nato is taking control of the mission this morning. nbc's jim maceda is live in tripoli right now. jim, one possibility is that the cia agents are assessing rebel needs, should the president push that go button. and from what you've seen and what you've heard, what do they need to regain momentum? >> hi there, richard. the rebels need most of all a morale boost right now. they are clearly hurting. that retreat that they've taken was a dizzying pace. actually, most of the rebels are licking their wounds, really, and trying to figure out what to do xt. cuently ajdaba. at aut 00 mi200 miles to the east of where they first hit that wall of fire a couple of days ago. keep in mind these were local militias they ran into. armed civilians mostly in jeeps and pickup trucks who ambushed the rebels as gadhafi's
to assess the situation in using their own photographs and videos. pictures from embattled towns. the latest are alarming. cities near tripoli and benghazi are now back in gaddafi hands. they want the others to help. >> they have an open area, but they have to do something. >> the rebels know that one area could fall next, a loss that would clear the way for benghazi itself. >> the people of egypt will get a chance to vote for a new president by november. parliamentary elections will be held in september. the supreme council of the armed forces has upheld a new interim constitution that declares egypt as a democratic country that guarantees freedom of religion in an opinion. copper -- there was the ouster of president hosni mubarak last month. the italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has promised to clear thousands of migrants from a mediterranean island. berlusconi visited the island after an outcry about a growing humanitarian crisis. about 19,000 migrants have arrived there from north africa since the unrest started sweeping the region. locals complain that their island has been trans
to up the age and it is not going to affect any of us. >> sean: great panel. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: breaking news in libya. covert operation underway. president obama's signature is on it. it could dig our heels in diaper in libya. yes, we are surrendering control of command over the no-fly zone to nato but there are could be. u.s. covert action could be heading libya's way. john bolton is here to tell you about a secret document the president has signed. things are growing more unstake. libyan's foreign minister flees for england. why is the foreign minister running for cover in england? he says he quit, but he's not going quietly. >> to the bizarre, gadhafi has hired a former nicaragua want foreign minister -- to represent him at the united nations. strange? in the midst of this chaos and uncertainy the cost of war in libya is sigh rocketing. the pentagon saying -- is skyrocketing. the pentagon saying it has already cost american taxpayers 550 million dollars. that number is growing. and growing. and growing. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton
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